Tuesday, 12 October 2010

where we heading?

Ok I stumbled upon this documentary/movie which follows the history of the earth from beginning to present date, its quite amazing as a species what we have done and continue to do to the earth. humans are the worst thing to happen to this earth period, if we don't do something soon.. well just watch the last 20minutes of this video to see for yourself. Its quite the sad state of affairs.

Myself, I say capitalism must be stopped at all costs.. This whole environmentalism carbon emission tax green house gasses bullshit is ridiculous just look what the Corporations and big business is doing to the earth then they turn around to us and say turn your washing machine down to 30 degrees, buy more insulation and enviro lights for your house, really?, you fucking serious?

I can't embed the documentary so i'll have to make do with just a link



  1. Capitalism doesn't work, but it's better than anything else we've tried so far.

  2. I actually saw an article for this a long time ago, and this just reminded me about it. Thanks! I'm going to watch it!

  3. I am not going to even argue this, but capatialism DOES work. You have to go to work, earn money, then spend that money. You cant wait around for handouts, for people who dont work to get what you have. I have worked very VERY hard for my money and I know that I fairly earned it, from a capitalistic business where I was employed. If you are broke, get a job, dont expect the govt to give you $$$ it just isnt right.

    It's very true, however, that businesses and the govt alike need to stop polluting, this is a universal issue, but it is much aside from economics and capitalism.

  4. Sorry Lexxie, I wasn't arguing if capitalism does or doesn't work or even from an environmental perspective. My point was they try selling us all this "green" products which is yet ANOTHER business and green house gasses is there marketing scheme, my hate however is from an ethnical point, capitalism is ruining the world period. I work, have done for 8 years but thats not because i want to not even because i enjoy getting paid. No, its because I'm FORCED to forced by a system that has kept us subservient for years I'm sure you wouldn't be saying the same if you were born in a 3rd world countrie where you make sneakers for a nickel a day and where they don't rob you for money or gold but for food and water, but its ok exploiting the poor just so you can have cheap petty material goods, thats just wrong.

    sleep 7 hours, wake up, go work, pay taxes, watch TV, follow fashion, obey the law, have children, send children to school. now repeat after me: I AM FREE

  5. very interesting take on things...

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